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More Professionals Use Matchmakers Than Ever Before
- March 20, 2012

Sure, we’re in a downturn, but for wealthy singles in the market for love, money appears to be no object. Matchmakers serving high-end clientele say business is booming.

Business is Booming
Local businesses in this niche with fees at the high end of the scale are growing much faster than those at the lower end. Their wealthy clients are professionals between 30 and 60 years old who are too busy to invest much time in traditional dating.

Business is booming and at the same time, competition is heating up to serve these well-heeled customers. For premium prices, matchmakers coach their clients in every aspect of courtship, from dress to dinner conversation to sex.

For now, there’s plenty of business to go around. That’s because of the stress many singles feel. In uncertain times, there is a tendency to look for someone to be there with you so you’re not alone. And successful people can be very lonely people.

The clients are well aware of the recession, but they feel vulnerable now and want to connect in a meaningful way. There are many panicked mid-30s to early-40s career women who can afford to have children, can afford their Gucci dress, but have no time to look for dates.

“I know it’s a recession, but I’m actually doing better than usual. I think the lack of a feeling of security in the world right now makes people more desperate for a connection. And they are willing to pay to find it.”

Original article Craine’s New York Business

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